6 tips on breast feeding in public

For those of you breastfeeding mummies we have a few top tips  on breastfeeding in public:
6 tips on breast feeding in public
  1. It is all about being prepared!
  2. Take a spare set of dark t’shirts for you as well as a spare set of clothing for your baby, in case of leakage or accidents
  3. Use a scarf or muslin square to cover you to ensure you feel comfortable and confident when feeding.
  4. Ensure you settle for a feed in a space you will be able to stay for a while. Some places will say you can use the loo, or baby changing area, but bear in mind these can often be quite smelly and to be honest... Would you eat your lunch in the loo! Big department stores have breastfeeding rooms so use these for more privacy if you are unsure.
  5. Ensure you keep your energy levels up and drink lots of water.
  6. And the final thought before you head out...If you’ve mastered feeding at home, don’t let being out and about be a stumbling block. Keep at it and remember people won’t be looking as much as you think.

Good luck!

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