Top Activities to Keep Kids Occupied this Summer

Whether your children are a little older, or you are looking to entertain your newborn baby, we have covered all bases when it comes to fun, cheap and simple activities to do at home or nearby this Summer!

Baking Cupcakes is a great activity for kids
  1. Camping! This does not necessarily need to involve going further than your garden, so why not pitch a tent in your backyard and let your child’s imagination run wild…perhaps a wild African adventure? You could even create your own animals out of toys or make your own! Dens will always be fun, and if you fancy it, you could even let your (older) children stay out there overnight!


  1. Baking! Yes, this will get messy, but it will be fun! Try creating something you’ve never made before together and watch your child’s delight as they are able to taste the fruits of their labour. You could even make cupcakes, and extend the party by decorating them afterwards.


  1. Picnics! These are always a winner, as not only are you able to be outside exploring, but you can have your ‘helpers’ make the picnic before you go. Lots of yummy, fresh food and air will definitely be memorable. Plus, if you have a newborn, this is a perfect solution to getting out of the house with mates!


  1. Swimming! This is one of the easiest ways to keep children happy (and hungry!). Get down to your local outdoor pool to have a splash about in the sun. Take toys and when the children have had enough in the water, you can still enjoy the sun.


  1. Ice cream social! Well, because everybody loves ice cream! Get friends round to create their own flavours of ice cream, using simple ingredients such as vanilla and getting them to add strawberries, chocolate, or whatever takes their fancy! You could even create a ‘parlour’ out of cardboard and serve up some soft scoop!