Advice for New Parents

When you see those two little lines on your pregnancy test, it is safe to say, life changes. Undoubtedly, in the best way possible and  for the good, however a big change all the same! Suddenly, you and your partner will find yourselves discussing nursery décor, pushchairs, car seats, feeding and nappies. Who would have thought it?


Nothing can prepare you for being a parent, from the unconditional love and protection you feel for your little one. through to the sleepless nights, worry and extra expense, but a little advice from others is always helpful!

We thought we’d ask our wonderful community of parents on Facebook for their best advice for new parents to help all you lovely mums-to-be and dads-to-be prepare for the utterly amazing world of parenthood…

“Go with your instincts and be positive things will get easier.” – Shobia

“Don't feel guilty or scared to ask for help.” – Gemma

“Relax, it all falls into place.” – Teri-leigh

“Enjoy every second as they grow up so fast!” – Ellie

“Everything is temporary, good things and more challenging things. That thing with sleep will not last (even if it is good sleep), that thing you cannot cope with any longer will disappear soon. Always.” – James

“Be kind to yourself and each other.” – Gemma

“Don't worry about what other people might think… lots of people will give you advice but it's your baby and you know what's best for it.” – Emma

“Enjoy the ride! It can be hard but it is beautiful.” – Nic

 “Go with your instincts because trying to do what others want you to do when it's against what you want, will drain you quicker than anything else.” – Eden

“My tip is for mummies to practice doing things with your wrong hand! I'm right handed but am learning to use my left pretty quickly to text, do makeup and get drinks etc, during the times I'm feeding on the right side.” – Jo