Muse on the News – April’s best breastfeeding stories

This April we’ve seen the opening of the UK’s first purpose-built Breastfeeding Café and heard lots more about the rise of the ‘Brelfie’. Here’s a selection of some of our favourite breastfeeding stories in this month’s Muse on the News.
Muse on the News
  1. A mother has opened a cafe to cater for the needs of breastfeeding mums after she couldn't find a place she felt was "clean or comfortable" enough for her to feed her own baby.
    View this story on the BBC website
  2. The Real Reasons I'm Extending Breastfeeding
    Read this interesting story over on
  3. The rise of the 'Brelfie': How breast feeding became the new way for celebrity mothers to show off 
    Read about the rise of the ’Brelfie’ over on The Daily Mail
  4. This Photographer Captured Breastfeeding Working Moms Perfectly
    We love seeing breastfeeding photography, take a look at this new project

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