What to Ask your Midwife

Finding out that you are pregnant and expecting a baby is a truly life changing moment and the start of a brand new life for both you and your partner. Seeing those two little lines appear on your pregnancy test can be exciting, overwhelming and daunting all at the same time. You are bound to have an endless list of questions and worries on not only pregnancy but childbirth too as well as decisions on feeding and what to do once your little one arrives.

What to Ask your Midwife

Meeting with your midwife for the first time is the perfect opportunity to ask those first questions and seek advice on the worries playing on your mind. However, we have often been told by mums that when attending your midwife appointment, the excitement and plethora of information can cloud your mind and you may end up leaving wishing you had asked more questions!

To help, we have put together a handy list of questions you may like to take with you and ask your midwife:

  • When is my due date?
  • When and how often will I have scans?
  • What other tests and screenings will I need to have during pregnancy?
  • Can I bring family members and friends to my appointments with me?
  • Are the symptoms I am experiencing normal?/Should I be experiencing any specific symptoms?
  • Can I continue to exercise?
  • Should I change my diet?
  • Will I have the same midwife throughout my journey?
  • When can I call my midwife? If I have an urgent question out of hours, who I can call?
  • Where are my local antenatal classes held? When should we begin these classes and what do they involve?
  • What birthing plan would you recommend? Where can I find out more about alternative birth plans/options?
  • If I choose a hospital birth, can I also choose which hospital we go to?
  • Are there any books on pregnancy and newborns that you would recommend?
  • What will happen if I am overdue?
  • What support will I receive after the birth?
  • Where can I seek support on breastfeeding both during pregnancy and once my baby has arrived?
  • Once we are at home, how often will both my baby and I see the doctor/our healthcare professional?

Of course, you will have many more questions you would like to ask and maybe some more specific questions based on your medical history but we hope that the above gives you a little breakdown. Remember that no question is silly or embarrassing and the chances are that your midwife will have already been asked the same question a hundred times before!

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