Expecting a Baby in 2021? Here’s Everything You Need in Your Hospital Bag to Kick-Start Your Breastfeeding Journey!

Are you welcoming a new baby this year? Whilst filling your hospital bag with a cute ‘coming home’ outfit might be fun, it’s also important to be prepared with the breastfeeding essentials you will need for the big day and beyond. Making space for those all-important breastfeeding accessories will make sure you’re ahead of the game when the time comes!

Maternity and Breastfeeding Sleep Bra

Here are our picks for the top hospital bag must-haves as well as the top breastfeeding essentials for any new mama in 2021…



Perfect for your hospital bag and beyond, the Sleep Bra is designed specifically for maternity and nursing, this super-soft nursing bra has no hooks or clips – allowing for maximum comfort for mama! Wire-free and seam-free it’s ideal for sleeping, which hopefully you’ll get lots of time for before baby comes!


Safe and Dry Nursing Pads

Mama’s best-kept beauty secret, Purelan offers natural, soothing care and protection for dry, cracked nipples, hands, lips, just about anything! Ideal for your hospital bag as well as your handbag going forward, Purelan contains 100% natural wool wax to help restore the skin’s natural moisture balance and keep the skin supple –an absolute must-have no matter what your plans for feeding!


Harmony Flex

A godsend for those days after baby is born, these ultra-absorbent nursing pads keep you dry, comfortable and confident! Providing excellent absorbency and leak protection all day and night, you can throw these in your hospital bag and rest safe knowing that there’s no need to worry about leaking nipples!

Swing Flex

If you’re not sure about how much you will be expressing but want to give it a go, the Harmony Flex is a fab option! This manual pump can easily fit into your handbag so you can take it anywhere, it’s also easy to use and clean – leaving you more time for cuddles! The unique Flex breast shields mould to your shape, making pumping super comfortable, as well as easy!


Quick Clean Microwave Bags

For those mamas who are planning on expressing every now and then, maybe because they want to share feeding with a partner, pump for an event or use on the go – the Swing Flex is the ideal electric breast pump! Compact, portable and easy-to-use, and featuring Medela’s signature PersonalFit Flex™ technology the Swing Flex is perfect for mamas who want to include pumping as part of their breastfeeding journey!


Once your breastfeeding is established and you’ve been using your pimp, you’ll want to sterilize your breast pump parts quickly yet safely. Our Quick Clean Microwave Bags are a super handy way to disinfect everything you need if you’re expressing – faster and easier than boiling! Using safe and reliable steam treatment, you can be ready to pump in around three minutes – quicker than making a cuppa!

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