Baby Changing Bags – Mum’s Essentials

There are endless suggestions online of what should be in your changing bag for baby, it’s madness how much stuff you need for one tiny person, and that’s before you’ve even thought about anything you might need yourself. We’ve devised the ultimate kit for mummy for all baby changing bags to keep you clean, fed and watered!
Baby Changing Bags
  • Keys, phone and purse (obvs) – this (wipeable!) one is £38.00 from Cath Kidston
    Cath Kidston purse
  • A nutritious snack – we like Freida’s Pantry bars which are only £1.20 and available from Ocado, Whole Foods and the Freida’s Pantry Website
    Freida's Pantry bars
  • A foldable water bottle… Absolutely genius when space is at a premium! We found this one for £1.49 on Travel Outdoors but you can usually pick these up at Tiger~
    Summit foldable water bottle
  • A spare clean T-shirt- You never know what could end up on your clothes with a baby around! Just a basic tee like this one from Miss Selfridge is perfect and only £12.00
    Miss Selfridge basic tee
  • Hair ties, you can NEVER have enough! These cute KITSCH ones are £7.50 from Boots
    KITSCH hair ties
  • Dove deodorant – forgot to put some on before you left the house? Don’t sweat it! £2.30 from Boots
    Dove deoderant
  • Hand Sanitiser – great for getting in and out of public toilets as quickly as possible, forgoing the busy sinks when you’ve got your hands full! This Aesop one is a treat at £7.00 but it won’t strip your hands of moisture the way others do
    Aesop hand sanitiser
  • A multi-use make up product, in this case the NARS Multiple which is a lip, cheek and eye product in one that you can apply with your fingers – a busy mum’s dream! Available for £29.00 in 22 different shades.
    NARS Multiple
  • Jurlique’s Love Balm for lips and just about anywhere that needs a bit of TLC, the uplifting tangerine scent is gorgeous, £10.00 from Look Fantastic
    Jurlique Love Balm