Mum and Baby Fashion

The idea of matchy matchy mum and baby fashion might conjure up a distasteful mental image but we think it can be a very cute look when done right, and we’ve found a few pieces you can buy to try the look for yourself! Let us know what you think…
Mum and Baby Fashion


  1. Breton tops are a failsafe way to coordinate with your little one and very easy to find in both sizes.
    Our Pick: Boden
    Mummy top
    Baby top
  2. Wearing the same style of shoe can be a subtle way to match with your baby. Converse trainers are another classic that are popular with mums and babies alike
    Our Pick: Converse
    Mummy trainers
    Baby trainers
  3. If you love the idea of matching with baby but can’t get your head around matching in public, you can match your PJs in the comfort of your own home. What a special feeling, cuddling in matching PJs!
    Our Pick PJ Mama
    Purchase together here
  4. We are obsessed with these matching red coats. If you’re really in to the idea of matching you can just stick them over any outfit and match with baby every day!
    Our Pick: Petit Bateau
    Mummy raincoat
    Baby raincoat
  5. Denim dungarees are the perfect way coordinate with baby, and we bet one of you already owns a pair!
    Our Pick: Zara
    Mummy Dungarees
    Baby Dungarees
  6. If you can find pieces in the same print but each in a different age-appropriate cut then you’ve hit the mummy-baby-coordinating fashion jackpot! These ridiculously cool rompers would be a serious talking point and you could take some brilliant photos to keep forever!
    Our pick: American Apparel
    Mummy romper
    Baby romper
  7. Slogan tees and babygrows are a cool way to coordinate with baby because you can style them in a way that suits you both.
    Our Pick: Selfish Mother
    Mummy t shirt
    Baby boy babygrow
    Baby girl babygrow