Baby Travel Items for Little One’s First Summer Holiday

Who’s little one is taking their first trip on an aeroplane this summer? Fitting all of your belongings into one suitcase is one thing but knowing what baby travel items to pack can be a little trickier. We want to make your holiday experience as easy as possible, so we have compiled a list that will help make it that little bit easier!

Mother and Baby on Holiday


Pushchair: A lightweight stroller is perfect for quiet walks into town and city locations. If you’re going off the beaten track, you may wish to take an all-terrain pushchair as well.

Blanket: It’ll of course keep your little one warm but will also provide shade and comfort of home.

Baby carrier/sling: Baby wearing is perfect for the airport and busy locations. If your holiday involves lots of long walks this may be a Holy Grail item! 

Meal Time

Breastfeeding: You will need the main essentials that fit into your daily breastfeeding routine to help make you and baby as comfortable and relaxed as possible- think muslins, shawls and your trusted Medela breast pump of course!

Meals: Bring enough for your journey, it’s better to bring extra- especially if you are a hungry breastfeeding Mamma! Just remember, if you are flying, typical liquid restrictions do apply! 

Snacks: If you are travelling with toddlers, make sure you have lots of snacks to keep them occupied!

Extras: Make sure you bring lots of spoons, wipes, bibs, beakers and a teething necklace!

Clothing and Nappies

Clothes: Pick clothes that are good for layering so your little one will always be comfortable. Lightweight long-sleeved tops are great for ensuring your little one’s skin stays protected. Looking into laundry facilities of where you will be staying is beneficial as we all know little ones love to make a mess!

Hats: Choose hats with wide brims, this will keep the sun off of your little one’s face and neck.

Nappies and supplies: Ensure to take enough nappies for the journey as well as a travel changing mat, rash cream, bags and wipes (lots of them!).

Baby on the Beach

Bed and Bath 

Toiletries: Pack your typical bath time essentials for your little one. 

Bath plug: A fantastic travel hack – a bath plug will mean you can turn any skin into a baby bath! 

Sleepsuits/Pyjamas: Make sure your little one stays cosy at night and pack a variety of different bed clothes so your little one can always be snug and sleep safely. 

Blankets/sleeping bags: Which ever your little one prefers, make sure you pack a few.

Other essentials you’ll thank us about later!

Passports: Otherwise you won’t be going anywhere except for a long car journey to the airport and home again!

High factor sun cream: Pack a high factor SPF for your little one and apply generously, if your little one is younger than 6 months ensure to keep them out of the sun as much as possible. 

Swim nappies: This can be hard to come by abroad so make sure you pack a few! 

First-aid kit: Take necessary first aid supplies, ensure you know where the local pharmacy is for extras, and the local hospital for any emergencies.

Black out blinds: Due to the longer sunlight hours, a blackout blind could be essential to help your little one drift off, this is also beneficial for day time naps. 

Toys: Pack their few favourite toys and books to keep them entertained. 

Hand sanitiser: You’ll be visiting lots of new places and your little one will have their nappy changed in lots of different places, so make sure you pop some hand sanitiser in your bag to reduce the spread of any bacteria.

Camera: To capture those all-important special moments! 

So there you have it, a rather lengthy list of what to pop in your suitcase this summer, but of course, you know your baby better than anyone! What are your holiday essentials when travelling with a little one?