Beauty Tips to Pamper while you Pump by Alice Manning

Feeling like there’s never any time to spend on yourself? Well beauty expert and new mum Alice Manning has done the hard work for you to discover the ultimate products for maximum results in minimal time…

‘Make the most of your time while you still can’ must have been the most-given advice before having my son Otto, who is now four months old. And wow were they right. Within days of being home from hospital I was all-too aware of the monumental lifestyle shift your little bundle of joy triggers. Gone are the lie in’s, long bubble baths and grooming rituals I had previously dedicated hours to. But there is a silver lining and it comes in the form of my Medela Breast Pump. Expressing means at least 30-minutes of daily calm in bed or on the sofa and I’ve discovered this is the perfect time to indulge in a little ‘me’ time. Here are my Top 7 pamper-while-you-pump products.
Beauty Tips to Pamper while you Pump by Alice Manning
  1. Starskin Hollywood Hand Model
    Dry, cracked hands are a given when you’re changing nappies and washing your hands round the clock. But not with these genius gloves which are saturated with a serum loaded with nourishing Shea butter, olive oil and Goji berries. In just 15-minutes your hands are left super-soft and smooth, and they still allow you to hold the breast shield and operate the buttons on the swing.
  2. The Body Shop Tee Tree Mask Everyone’s skin reacts differently to the challenges of early motherhood but I found the surge of post-pregnancy hormones resulted in breakouts. I apply this generously to problem areas to draw out impurities while I express. If your skin is less problematic and more dehydrated I would suggest a creamy mask like Clarins HydraQuench Mask.
  3. Tigi Catwalk Oatmeal and Honey Nourishing Mask
    There are days when I don’t even brush my hair, let alone wash it. A lot of mums find they shed the hair they held onto while pregnant but it is more the texture of mine that has changed; it is coarser, frizzy and dry. I apply this generously to the lengths and ends, tie my hair up into a messy bun or ponytail and let it sink in while expressing. My hair is noticeably softer and smoother afterwards, plus the sweet scent is really uplifting when you are feeling tired and emotional.
  4. Weleda Skin Food
    This is a saviour for anywhere that needs a little TLC; elbows, lips, cuticles, hands, feet, the list goes on. It is quite sticky so I apply it generously pre-pump then leave it to sink in before wiping off any residue with a muslin cloth. It’s like giving your skin a pint of water and leaves it plumped-up and dewy.
  5. James Read Tan H2O Tan Mist
    Multi-tasking products are essential for mums and celebrity tanning expert James Read has answered all of our prayers with a calming face mist that also creates a natural, gradual glow. I use this daily and the Damask rose oil and Aloe Vera does wonders for reviving and calming tired, troubled skin. The hint of tint it gives your skin is brilliant for disguising the inevitable late nights and exhaustion.
  6. Shiseido Benefiance Eye Mask
    I store these in my fridge for added cooling benefits and I honestly couldn’t cope without them. My eyes feel permanently dry, hot and irritable thanks to a combination of no sleep and hay fever so I place these just under my eyes while I express and then massage any excess serum in afterwards. Hello bright eyes!
  7. Garnier Honey Treasures Restoring Butter While I’m careful to not get this near my nipples due to breastfeeding, I literally apply this everywhere. In the time it takes me to pump, this cream sinks in and transforms dull, lifeless limbs. It smells delicious and isn’t expensive so you can apply it really generously.

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