Beauty Tips for Busy Mums

We understand how busy it is being a mum! We also understand that just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of your appearance.

Here at Medela we are going to give you some quick and easy beauty tips to ensure you spend the least amount of time possible making yourself look beautiful whilst also giving you seriously fab results! These quick and easy tips should also last all day.
Beauty Tips for Busy Mums
  1. To get that perfect cat eye can take a tremendous amount of time, as well as this it often ends up with black smudges all over your newly made up face! This quick and easy tip allows you to get the perfect cat eye liner in under a minute! To find the instructions on how to get this quick and easy flick go to.
  2. Often your lipstick doesn’t last more than 20 minutes, it’s annoying we know, this new tip is taking over the internet, making it extremely quick and easy to keep your lips looking luscious all day! Trust us, all you to do is exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush before putting anything on them! Have a try by following the quick and easy method.
  3. Washing, blow-drying and straightening your hair is a huge hindrance when you have a little one screaming and all you want to do with your free time is sleep. This is every mum’s dilemma, Batiste is a fab brand of dry shampoo which will ensure your hair looks and smells fresh for at least 2 more days! When you look at this as an hour’s extra sleep - that’s a lot! Buy some here.
  4. When you’re running around all day your mascara will run, mascara running is not a good look especially if it’s raining, which it generally is! This waterproof mascara is guaranteed not to run. No matter how much rain, tears and water this mascara sees it will be sure to stay intact! This is a must have beauty product for a new mummy, if you apply it in the morning by the time you’re ready to take it off it won’t have moved, to purchase this wonder mascara click here.