Because Breastfeeding Families Can

Medela UK’s current campaign ‘Because You Can’, which featured real mothers sourced from Facebook, has inspired breastfeeding families countrywide.
ause Breastfeeding Families Can

Breastmilk from mum is unarguably best for baby. However, the time does come when mum may need some support. Whether she is returning to work, having a weekend away, wants to get back into her regular fitness class or has a doctor’s appointment, her breastfeeding experience need not be affected, ‘Because You Can’ with Medela!

Having spoken to mums across their social media platforms Medela heard lots of reasons why a breastpump was being used.  One mum expressed her breastmilk so she could return to her weekly pilates class, many wanted to get dad involved, while another spoke of enjoying a family night with her husband and older children. Some turn to a pump to help during an illness or challenging time and if baby is in NICU expressed breastmilk may well be lifesaving.

In Medela’s uplifting campaign the multi award winning brand has captured the commonly cited ‘Because You Can’ moments in a collection of beautiful adverts. This fun campaign takes a refreshing approach to breastfeeding and reflects the realities of day to day life for parents these days. Breastfeeding mums are doing the best for their babies, but for whatever reasons they have times they need to be away from baby – it is in these moments that Medela can help.

As one of the world’s leading breastfeeding brands Medela takes seriously its role to nurture breastfeeding families. Medela has been listening to the needs of breastfeeding mums via its weekly virtual drop in clinic and a monthly breastfeeding café online -  advice and  information is key, but also knowing they are not alone is a tremendous support for other mums. Knowing you are not the only one wanting a night off or feeling bad about your elder children can be very encouraging.

The very real campaign has been a huge hit, with mums coming to Medela asking to be the next ‘Medela Mum!’ Watch this space for more in 2015!