The benefits of double pumping!

Breastfeeding can be a really special time for mother and baby, it’s a brilliant way to bond and mums can be safe in the knowledge they really are giving their baby the best start in life. Breastfeeding isn’t all fun and cuddles though, it can be exhausting and really hard work!

Many mums choose to express milk at some point during their breastfeeding experience, whether it’s to let their partner feed baby, or just so they can have a well-deserved evening off. However, without a good breastpump, expressing milk can be time consuming and we are are only too aware that one thing mums are short on is time!

So today, we thought we would focus on the benefits of double pumping and our Swing Maxi Breastpump...

Our in-depth research over the years has shown that using a double breastpump is more effective and efficient compared to single pumping when expressing breastmilk and here’s why…

When a mum expresses milk using a single breastpump she has an average of 5 let down reflexes (this is what releases the milk!) however when expressing from both breasts at the same time women have an extra sixth let-down from each breast, which means even more milk!

Our research discovered that double pumping rather than pumping from one breast at a time produces an average of 18% more milk, which is fantastic but what is even better is that the milk produced when double pumping rather than single pumping actually has a higher energy content, making it even better for baby, giving them more energy for growth and development.

Other benefits of double pumping include increased breast drainage and higher presence of prolactin, both of which significantly improve a mother’s lactation thus ensuring she establishes and maintains a good milk supply which undoubtedly supports long term breastfeeding.

Our Swing Maxi Breastpump is popular with breastfeeding mums worldwide, here’s a little more about the multi-award winning double breastpump…

The Swing Maxi electric breastpump is a maxed-up version of our flagship Swing breastpump, enabling mums to double pump, to help increase and sustain milk supply while providing fantastic, efficient support with maximum comfort.

As with all our breastpumps the Swing Maxi comes with our original two-phase technology that allows mum to express in the same way that baby feeds. At first, baby uses fast and light sucks to stimulate milk flow, and then longer, deeper sucks.

As well as this, the Swing Maxi electric breastpump is light and compact and can be used with batteries or the main adaptor, making it ideal for both pumping at home or while on the move. Easy to use and clean, this breastpump really is the perfect choice for busy mums!

So now you know the benefits of double pumping what are you waiting for?!