Mothers Milk: The Benefits

Breast milk isn’t known as liquid gold for nothing! It is the ultimate all-in-one meal, has countless immunological benefits and provides your little one with the absolute best start in life!

Here are 10 true, fun and incredible facts that you might not have known about breast milk. Happy reading!

National breastfeeding milk

Here are 10 true, fun and incredible facts about breastmilk:

  1. Ready to Go

Breastmilk is the ultimate all-in-one meal and, amazingly, your body produces the right nutrients and volume of milk to match your baby's needs and developmental stage.

  1. Stem Cells

Stem cells exist in breastmilk! These amazing cells have the ability to become a load of different type of cells in the body. Stem cells are like gold dust to medical research.

  1. Packed with Nutrients

If you thought five-a-day was enough to pack into your daily diet, check what a breastfeeding baby gets. Breastmilk contains 415 different proteins. This is the ultimate high-protein diet.

  1. Immunological Properties

Breastmilk is amazing, and thanks to its magical properties, breastfed babies have fewer middle ear infections, fewer respiratory infections and a decreased risk of developing allergies, cancer, childhood diabetes and obesity.

  1. Educates Your Baby’s Palate

You may not even be at the weaning on to solids stage, but breastfeeding is a great time to educate your baby's palate. 'We’re all aware that what we eat is transferred to baby during a breastfeed which is of great benefit, but to learn that this transfer also potentially supports the infant to learn about tastes and flavour adds another dimension to the power of breast milk,' says Sioned Hilton from Medela.

  1. Nipples

Breastmilk leaves the breast through openings in the nipple; the average amount of openings in a nipple is 9, with some ladies having up to 18!

  1. Bonding

Breastfeeding is a great way to bond with baby. Not only are you providing your baby with all the nutrients she needs, that all important cuddle time and skin-to-skin contact is a great way to find that mum-baby connection. What's not to love?

  1. Left or Right?

Almost three-quarters of mums produce more milk with their right breast

  1. Double Pumping

Medela’s research shows that double pumping breastmilk, instead of pumping from one breast at a time, produces an average of 18% more breastmilk

  1. Fun Fact

When breasts lactate they are classed as an organ!