Best Parenting and Baby Apps

We know how helpful apps can be in our day to day lives, from social media, educational and lifestyle apps, there really is an app for everything we need! There is even a vast selection of parenting and baby apps to give you advice, tips and support. We talk through our favourites from exercises, pregnancy timelines and even something for dads too!

Smartphone Parenting Apps

When you become pregnant, or in fact throughout parenthood, technology can be a great aid to help you along the way. One thing you might find useful is an app, there at the tip of your fingers, whenever and wherever you want. With so many of them out there it can be hard to find one to suit you and your family. We’ve devised a list of the most helpful….

Pregnancy exercise

This title may not scream ‘DOWNLOAD ME!’ to many but it is a good one just in case you feel like a little work out. Exercises based around Pilates, Yoga and strength training they are a great way to tone your muscles for a happy and healthy pregnancy.

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Allowing you to personalise your pregnancy timeline this app gives you tools needed throughout your pregnancy, even with 3D interaction. This has also been recommended by doctors – so you know you’re in safe hands!

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Full Term

This is a great one to download when your time is getting that little bit closer. A great way to time and track your contractions and allows you to monitor your labour progression.

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Who’s your Daddy?

One for the Dads… it is safe to say this is basically a step by step guide for first time Dads, calming him down and making him laugh as he prepares to become a dad for the first time.

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Nighty Night

With over 4 million downloads and counting this app obviously does what it says on the tin. A go to sleep ritual complete with cute animals, lullabies and narration. The idea is your little one watches all of the animals go to bed and then hopefully they will too!

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Well… we had to include our own! Our app allows you to build your own profile, giving you personalised tips and support based around your breastfeeding goals. Giving you answers to the important questions that you may have, it also sends you reminders to help you follow your progress and achieve goals you have set yourself. In addition to this it’s so easy to track breastfeeding and pumping times and your baby’s growth and development.

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We hope you find these apps useful along your journey through parenthood! Which one have you downloaded?