The Big Breastfeeding Cafe Returns

The Big Breastfeeding Café will return this year on Tuesday 15th May 2018 and it is set to be bigger than ever before with mums joining the fun across the UK! Sign up now and join us as we celebrate all things breastfeeding, share experiences, advice and support each other over some much needed tea and cake!

The Big Breastfeeding Cafe 2018

We’re bringing mums across the UK together again to host their very own breastfeeding cafes in the comfort of home, a local coffee shop, or even a nearby hall! Mums are encouraged to celebrate and chat all things breastfeeding, share experiences and support each other over a cuppa and a treat this Tuesday 15th May.

A recent survey completed by over 1,400 mums, found that 50% of mums questioned believe the most helpful breastfeeding advice and support they received came from local breastfeeding support groups, and family and friends. Ranking significantly higher than all other channels including midwives and GPs, parenting books and websites.

The new results reiterate just how valuable speaking to other mums can be and comes at a time when we’re delighted to announce that The Big Breastfeeding Cafe will return for its third year this May.

Mums taking part in The Big Breastfeeding Café 2018 will receive a complete package of everything they need to host a Breastfeeding Café, including expert advice from Medela’s in-house Lactation Consultant, posters, invitations, surprise treats and some all-important tea and biscuits! To sign up, mums simply need to pop an email to

Now three years on, The Big Breastfeeding Café has garnered national exposure, celebrity support and engaged thousands of mums! The Big Breastfeeding Cafe 2017 saw over 60 mums host their own Breastfeeding Cafes last year across the UK, from Scotland through to Birmingham, London and Cornwall. Where will it be this year?!

Medela UK’s Education Manager and in-house Lactation Consultant, Sioned Hilton commented: “The Big Breastfeeding Café continues to be a brilliant way to demonstrate the importance of mum to mum support and raise awareness of breastfeeding in public. We know that breastfeeding can be challenging but we also know that a problem shared, is often a problem halved. Ensuring that all breastfeeding mums have a reassuring and supportive network around them is vital which is why Medela is passionate about encouraging local, mum to mum support with its Big Breastfeeding Café.”