The Big Breastfeeding Café - Coffee#1 Joins the Celebration, Offering Breastfeeding Support for Mums Across the Country!

This year, The Big Breastfeeding Café is bigger than ever! We’re so excited to share that Coffee#1 will be joining the celebration, hosting an event in all of its 91 cafes. If it’s not possible for you to host a café at home on the 1st May, you can pop to your local Coffee#1 café to take part in the breastfeeding fun! We know how important breastfeeding support from friends and family is, so why not pop along and share a tip or two with other breastfeeding mums!

Join the fun @ Coffee#1 logo TBBFC 2019

We are thrilled to announce that Coffee#1 is supporting The Big Breastfeeding Café! The national chain of coffee shops will be hosting Big Breastfeeding Café events in each of their 91 locations. This is fantastic news as it means even more mums up and down the country can get involved and join in The Big Breastfeeding Café fun! Yey!

There are Coffee#1 branches all over South West England and Wales, from Cardiff to Bournemouth, there will be a venue for you to attend! To find your nearest shop, check out the Coffee#1 website here

We are so pleased to have Coffee#1 on board, helping to make year’s event the best Big Breastfeeding Café yet!

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