Breast Milk Production and Supply

Question: I'd like to ask if there is a way to boost milk supply before the baby is here? My first-time breastfeeding I had low milk supply and would like to prevent this from happening again.


Answer: As a mum to be your breasts are being prepared for the job of feeding your baby throughout pregnancy. Other than gets lots of great support, there isn’t much you can do before baby arrives. It is helpful to find a local breastfeeding group and pop by for a coffee and a chat, you’ll then feel much better, having a friendly face to turn to if you need help.

To get your breastfeeding journey off to the best start and build milk supply, I have included some tips below:

  • The key thing for a plentiful supply is to get off to a fabulous start in those first 7-14 days, these are critical to priming your milk cells to switch on and make milk. Start with skin to skin and a feed in the first hour after birth
  • Try to achieve lots of frequent feeds following this, every 1-3 hours. This will help both you and your baby get breastfeeding established
  • A good latch that is comfortable and lots of wet/dirty nappies show that your baby is getting plenty of milk.
  • If you are both struggling, you can help things along with expressing breastmilk to get your supply initiated and build up from there. When baby is more effective at feeding, your supply will be there.

It is worth being realistic and knowing that those first 14 days will be tough, tiring and hard work. Get lots of support from your partner and family so that you can concentrate on getting breastfeeding established. If it doesn’t feel right or you are sore, get support from your midwife and local support group. Invest in these early days and you will reap the rewards a few weeks down the line with a plentiful supply and will soon be feeding on the go!