Breastfeeding Baby: The Benefits

There are countless reasons why breastfeeding is so amazing, it provides a number of benefits for both mum and baby, is an incredibly special way to bond with your little one and breastmilk itself has been proven to be the ultimate all-in-one meal for babies, while providing unique immunological and developmental benefits.

There is always new research, findings and scientific facts as to why breastfeeding is best for your baby but we wanted to reach out to our wonderful community of mums to tell us why breastfeeding baby is so amazing to them. We have been inundated with comments on Facebook with over 300 mums telling us the reasons they love breastfeeding and although we can’t share them all, here is just a little selection of just some of the comments shared:
Breastfeeding Baby: The Benefits
  • “I love how easy it is (once established) no worrying about making bottles up in the middle of the night or when you’re out for longer than expected. You get to feed your baby yourself, feel proud for doing so AND get loads of snuggles at the same time” Mum, Laura
  • “My little girl was premature and I couldn't hold her for quite a while after she was born, I expressed and she was fed through a tube but now being able to cuddle her and breastfeed her myself has helped our bond and closeness” Mum, Dannii
  • “Knowing you're giving your child the most natural thing in the world. Not having to sterilise bottles…Not having to get out of bed for feeds was a lovely perk and it's free!” Mum, Nicola
  • “The connection you have between you and your baby and it's free!” Mum, Astra
  • “When it's all quiet at night and we have a special moment just me and my girl. And of course the beautiful milk drunk face is adorable” Mum, Megan
  • “I love the absolutely unyielding feeling of pride in myself that not only am I providing the best I possibly can for my baby but the overwhelming feeling of amazement towards my body, I have never felt so amazed by myself in my entire life” Mum, Maryanne 
  • “Looking in my child's eyes, feeling that love. Time stands still.” Mum, Emma
  • “When she makes those little snuffly noises like a piglet when she's feeding – love!” Mum, Helena
  • “The one thing you can do for your child that no one else can. It helped me so much to bond with my son & gave us our time together. Miss it really badly” Mum, Ellie
  • “Just love that my body is able to supply him with everything it needs and I'm doing the best I can for him” Mum, Louisa