Breastfeeding Baby – A Mother’s Question

During last month’s Breastfeeding Café on our Facebook page, one of our mums asked a great and no doubt common question, ‘Any tips for feeding a distractable baby?’ As always, our lovely in-house Lactation Consultant, Sioned was on hand to offer some expert advice on breastfeeding baby but as well as this our helpful community of mums joined in the conversation and offered their own top tips on what has worked well for them.
Breastfeeding Baby – A Mother’s Question

If your little one gets distracted easily, have a look at the tips shared below…

  • “Other than feeding in a quiet, familiar and boring room (her bedroom with blackout curtains so she can't see anything!) no I'm afraid not. Totally understand where you're coming from though, if I had a pound for every time my daughter popped off and left me hanging in public I certainly wouldn't need to be going back to work haha!”
    – Laura
  • “Total eye contact or a dark room work for my VERY distracted 1 year old!”
    – Francesca
  • “Find a quiet boring location. It is annoying, I remember my son trying to turn round and see what was going on with my nipple still in his mouth ouch!”
    – Sarah
  • “ I used to sing to my little boy, or have a colourful teether, comforter etc”
    – Rhyanna
  • “Dark room where possible or would rock back and forth when out, seemed to disorientate him and he fed more easily. I did find that he totally reverse cycled and fed more at night which was tiring but made me less stressed about what he had in the day”
    – Louise
  • “Get a teething necklace and whilst feeding them give them it to hold and play with – try play music on your phone to blur out background noise and if baby is that distracted and isn't up for feeding then try again in 20
    mins when they are. More hungry and more determined to feed xxxx good luck”
    – Gemma
  •  “I feed in a sling (connecta or buckles) so he's got less chance to look around and is more focused on the task in hand!”
    – Lauren
  •  “My 7 month old went through a super distracted phase and the only thing that worked was going off to sit in a quiet and boring place.”
    – Alana
  • “Time, just ride it out it will pass…eventually!”
    – Abbey
  • “White noise so they can't hear things to distract them.”
    – Louise