Breastfeeding Biting

It was another busy drop-in-clinic this week with lots of mums asking their questions about breastfeeding. One mum asked about breastfeeding biting which we have found is a common topic as little ones grow and start teething. Our Lactation Consultant. Sioned is always here to help and offered some great advice we thought we’d share on our blog today...

“My 7 month old has today decided to bite me every time I breastfeed. Is there anything I can do?”

Biting can be very traumatising for both you and baby. She is learning to do things with her tongue and how it moves. Often a nip occurs as she is not on the nipple deeply and her tongue isn’t over her gums. Here are some tips which may help:
breastfeeding biting
  • Try not to react but say no, take her off and reposition
  • You may be a little apprehensive but try and relax as this will affect letdown. If she is trying to trigger a letdown she may be pulling, tugging and slipping off thus a nip
  • Try a different feeding position such as you in a laid back and little one more on top or try nursing her in the straddle position where she is more upright and you bring her to breast deeper
  • Some nipple cream such as Purelan will help to heal the nipple as well as rubbing in some expressed breast milk. You can find more information about Nipple Care here
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