The Breastfeeding Café!

Last night was the first Breastfeeding Cafe of 2015 – it was great to see everyone, virtually of course, and a good variety of questions were asked! Sioned settled down with a cup of tea at 7.30 like she does once a month (on the 3rd Wednesday) and replied to a number of mums who joined the cafe with their breastfeeding queries.
Breastfeeding Cafe meetings
Meet Sioned the Medela Lactation Consultant

It was great to see a number of mums also joining us to share their own tips and sharing their experiences… there really is nothing better than seeing our community of supportive mums grow.

There were questions about sleep routine, babies not taking the right breast, encouraging baby to take a bottle of expressed breastmilk and a number of  mums eager to get some advice on how to settle baby with using the boob.

It was a great session – we have picked a few of the questions to share here – but please feel free to head over to Facebook to see all the questions and answers.

The question that kicked off the cafe was:

Hi I’d like to ask you of any tips to help my 16 week old boy sleep better though the night, he settles well from 7-10.30pm when I feed him and change him but he still wakes 3-4 times from 1am til 5-6am leaving me shattered, I’m breastfeeding and keep offering a top up of expressed or formula but he will only take 1-2 oz occasionally, any tips would be welcome thanks xx

It may be that your lo can only take so much milk in his tummy and he is a baby that feeds often. If you look at his pattern he probably feeds every 2-3 hrs and breastmilk is so easily digestible, he doesn’t take large volumes from a bottle either so that supports that his tummy can only accommodate a moderate volume of milk. Keep co-rooming with him and bring his cot as near to your bed as possible so that it reduces you getting out of bed and getting cold. The last week or so the nights are also colder so check the temperature of the room as this may be influencing him. Try and sleep using his sleep pattern so sleep from 10.30 and ask dad to get up and soothe or bring him to you so that you can nurse him in bed. Having quality sleep is important and the breastfeeding hormones do actually help you to have this even though you often have more frequent feeds in the night. See if its environmental or just be reassured that he is a grazer and enjoys feeding often. He probably would be the same if he was bottle feeding so consider your options too. Catch up where you can


Another question from the café…

This may sound really silly but when breastfeeding does baby need as much winding after. A few breastfeeding DVDs I have seen never shows you them being winded. My other 2 were bottle fed with expressed milk so I’m a bit new to this

No it’s not a daft question at all. It really is down to baby – a breastfed baby creates a seal around the breast and creates a vacuum to remove milk, they don’t swallow much air when feeding, however if mum has a strong first milk ejection they may swallow the milk faster to cope and occasionally may be more windy. With formula the sucking action in the mouth is different and teats design means that some babies do swallow air and need burping.
Many mums will just sit lo up gently pat their back and give them a chance to burp before offering the other breast – it’s a trail and learn.


And a great one about freezing expressed breastmilk…

Hi,I have some breast milk in the freezer which needs using up. As I expressed it some time ago will it still have the right nutrients for my six month old? And do you know how much she would need as I’ve never given her a bottle before.

yes it still has all the nutrition she needs, freezing doesn’t change the properties much however heating the milk does and this is why not using a microwave, trying to deliver expressed milk at body temperature ( warm) is now understood better. You can use it with her cereals and mashed sweet potato, cauliflower cheese etc for her weaning foods too so it won’t go to waste. Start with only decanting a small volume in a bottle – an oz and then if she takes more you can then start increasing the volume – her tummy size may be moderate so if you are using the Calma teat she will only feed until she’s not hungry so start with 1oz and then 2/3 oz if she empties the bottle.


We also had the following comment, which we just had to share with you all…

Hiya I don’t need any help. I just wanted to say well done to all the Breastfeeding mummies in the cafe tonight. I don’t think we always get the recognition we deserve. Because it looks easier ‘just getting your boob out’ I don’t think some people realise how demanding the job is! I’m mummy to a 6 month old little girl who has always been exclusively breastfed. Yes it’s been hard work but I’m so glad we stuck with it! It’s so rewarding, I really do love it and it’s great knowing I gave her the best possible start. Anyway well done and good luck! x

Thanks to you all for continuing to support our page and community of breastfeeding mummies!

Till next month!

The Breastfeeding Café team. x