It’s Back – The Big Breastfeeding Café Returns for 2021 Celebrating Mother’s Milk Once Again!

Returning now in its 7th year, the Big Breastfeeding Café is back and ready to celebrate mother’s milk with mamas across the UK! With the ultimate goal to once again offer support, advice and build communities for new mums and mums to be, everyone is welcome to join us on the 24th June as we open a conversation about breastfeeding and the wonders of breast milk! So grab a hot drink and join the live content across our Instagram page - We can’t wait for the festivities to begin!

That’s right, the Big Breastfeeding Café is back, and we want you to be a part of it! We’re delighted to share that it is easier than ever before to get involved, so no reason not to pop the kettle on or take a stroll to your local participating café and celebrate mother’s milk with us once again!

Our main aim is to support you breastfeeding mamas (and mumas to be!) with tips and advice, as well as building a network of fellow mums and friends you can lean on whenever necessary. We know this past year has been tricky becoming a new mum – we want to squash any feelings of worry you may have had and welcome you into our breastfeeding family with a big hug (and a bang)

This year, our café continues virtually across Medela’s social channels, with live content on Instagram throughout the day, competitions, mum to mum advice and lots more! Why not join along for any of our expert Q&As, tips from midwives or even just listen along to a breastfeeding mum share her story – we will go through the ups and downs of this wonderful journey into motherhood, truly celebrating all many wonders of mother’s milk!

And if that’s not enough, this year, we are encouraging local cafes to open their doors and welcome breastfeeding mums back, joining the celebration with us in their own communities. A great way to chat to fellow mums you may not have had an opportunity to catch up with over the past year, or even just to get out for a walk and a takeaway hot drink with a friend – it’s all about rebuilding our lovely mama communities after such a challenging number of months, and keep the message of support going. We know with things opening up and national restrictions shifting, it is an anxious time with lots of change, so we’re here to answer and questions you may have and help you build confidence… and of course, to remind you that you are amazing mama!


So, how can you get involved?



Join us on Instagram @medela_uk on the 24th June to click into any of our live content across the day. Keep an eye on the page to see the schedule of what is coming up – we know you are going to love it and want to join the conversation!

We will have competitions going live in the run up to the event (lots of chances to win one of our Milkin’ it Mugs we know you are all after!) as well as on the day. We want to hear from you with your tips for other new mums, as well as any questions you may have to ask our experts.


In Person

We want your local café, playgroup, garden centre – any of your favourite establishments to get involved! All we are asking cafes is that they spread the word that they are breastfeeding friendly and are welcoming mums to celebrate with them on the 24th June (perhaps by offering a discount or freebie for any mums who want to join!).

You can either…nominate your local café to get involved – make sure you tag them on our post on Instagram, or pop us a message with their details and we will reach out on your behalf…

OR, if you are a café or group owner yourself and would like to host mums or encourage them to visit you for the Big Breastfeeding Café and beyond – pop us a message or email and we will talk you through the very simple process to show your involvement in the campaign.


It really is that simple! Join us over on the hashtag #thebigbreastfeedingcafe2021 to see what is going on in the run up to the event – we can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Have any questions about the The Big Breastfeeding Café? Pop us an email on or a direct message on Facebook or Instagram and we will get back to you.