Breastfeeding Essentials For Summer –Mums Share Their Must-haves For Feeding In The Heat!

There’s no denying breastfeeding in the heat can be a challenge, so we asked our community of Medela Mums to share their essentials for summer breastfeeding and wanted to share their responses here!

We all love Summer but feeding your little one during the hot weather can have its challenges. We wanted to share some essentials for summer breastfeeding from our lovely community of Medela Mums to hopefully make your feeding through the heat that little bit better!

Christina from Instagram – “Water bottle, a fan and snacks!”

Snacks are always a breastfeeding must-have – why not try out these recipes full of breastfeeding superfoods!

Chantelle from Instagram – “My must-have is a muslin for laying over your arms to reduce sweating during feeding, and also ice lollies for mama!”

We love this idea Chantelle, keeping cool is a must!

Tiggy from Instagram – “my Medela nursing tank top!”

So great to hear your nursing top has been useful Tiggy, with it’s breathable material and one hand opening and closing, it really is a summer must-have for breastfeeding mamas!

Rebecca from Instagram – “A big water bottle with a straw”

Breastfeeding really is like running a marathon so keeping hydrated is super important – especially during the summer heat!

Ivanna from Instagram – “Summer dresses with buttons on the front for easy boob access!”

Easy access is so important isn’t it Ivanna!

Cherokee from Instagram – “Nipple cream!”

Nipple cream certainly is a must-have during every season – not just the summer!

Rukhsar from Instagram – “A handheld fan”

We’re a big fan of this tip!

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