Breastfeeding Mothers Share their Top Tips

Breastfeeding has an endless number of benefits for both mother and baby and is an amazing way to bond with your little one. However, it can be difficult, exhausting and stressful, especially in the early days when you are establishing feeding for the first time.

It can be incredibly helpful to speak with breastfeeding experts, seek advice from medical professionals and read up on all things breastfeeding, however sometimes it is just as helpful to speak with other mums who are currently or have experienced breastfeeding. We have found that our community of mums on Facebook really value each other’s advice and the tips provided can prove extremely helpful. Today we thought we would highlight just a few of our breastfeeding mothers’ top tips…
Breastfeeding Mothers Share their Top Tips
  • “Expect success but know where to get support if you need it.” Hannah
  • “Have realistic expectations. Newborns feed a LOT, sometimes constantly, that's normal and doesn't mean you have no milk.” Lauren and Sarah
  • “Get everything you need close to hand when feeding especially in the early days e.g drink (breastfeeding is thirsty work) magazine, phone, remote etc. Also don't be afraid to ask for help and advice. Medela have advised me via their Facebook clinics and helped me to continue to feed my 14 month old.” Becky Robinson
  • “Be prepared for it to be hard work and fight through the pain at the beginning and don't give up, it's all worth it.” Annoymous
  • “If in doubt, whip it [boob] out!” Sophie C-Smith
  • “Perseverance and the support of a good partner. Cluster feeding – who knew?! Love the bond with my 4 month old of breastfeeding” Geraldine

Do you have a breastfeeding tip you would like to share? We’ll soon be creating a gallery of breastfeeding tips so please pop over to our Facebook page to post your top tip on our page or send us a direct message! Thank you!