The story of Emma, a breastfeeding mum

This week we are lucky to have Emma Bowles share her Breastfeeding Story with Medela.
Emma Bowles Mum Breastfeeding Story

I always wanted to try and breastfeed my baby. We have a family history of allergies so after reading that exclusively breastfeeding for six months could reduce the chance of our son inheriting these, I wanted to give him the best chance! 

However, Jack arrived a little early by c section and spent 16 days in NICU/SCBU, so giving him breastmilk became even more important to me. 

Although, Jack was a lazy little baby and refused to latch! So my expressing journey began. The first few days were so disheartening, hand expressing every 2-3 hours and just getting a few millilitres. But by day 3 my milk started to come in and I borrowed the hospital Medela double breastpump. I remember pumping 10ml in a few minutes and I was so happy! Not long after I was pumping 6oz every 3 hours, I was able to feed my baby and now have a full drawer of milk in the freezer. Not being able to take our little boy home was so difficult but giving him my milk gave me something to focus on each day.

I continued to try to get Jack to latch and by day 16 he was a pro and we came home.

At home I continued to express with my own Medela Swing and we introduced Jack to a bottle almost immediately using the Medela Calma teat. I was nervous about breastfeeding in public so it meant I could have a little more freedom. It also means dad can help out when I need to catch up on some sleep, which has been very welcome in the early cluster feeding days and growth spurts! 

After a few weeks Jack started to become uncomfortable at feeding times and night-time and I began counting down the weeks until I could give up breastfeeding. After trying elimination diets I found he was intolerant to dairy and soy, removing these from my diet quickly improved his feeding and sleep (although I miss cheese and chocolate so much!) Then, at just over 4 months as his digestive system matured, he was even more comfortable at feeding times. Feeding has started to become my favourite part of our day, I get to snuggle up to my little mummy's boy and know he's truly content.  

We have nearly reached our goal of breastfeeding for 6 months but I think we both still have a little longer in our breastfeeding journey yet!

A huge thank you to our breastfeeding mum Emma Bowles, for sharing her story with us. If you would like to share your experience of breastfeeding on our blog please email our PR team on for further details. Thank you.