Muse on the News - Breastfeeding News February

As ever, breastfeeding and expressing have been popular topics in the news this February. We love to keep our mums up to date on the latest news, research, campaigns and fun stories on breastfeeding and have included a little collection of some of our favourites this month. From a mum breastfeeding in the zoo, through to the wonders of breast milk and breastfeeding mums returning to work, it has been another interesting month!

Of course we love to hear from you so if you have spotted a news story you’d like to share, please let us know! For now, here are some of the stories that grabbed our attention…
Muse on the News
  1. Mother Reveals she felt an ‘emotional connection’ with an orangutan after it gave her a nod while she was breastfeeding at the zoo
    Well this certainly isn’t a story you read every day!
  2. 9 Gorgeous Photos of a Working Mum Breastfeeding That are Seriously Inspiring
    We love this, a big high five to all our working mums!
  3. Breast milk protein could be used in fight against antibiotic resistance
    Breast milk is seriously amazing, the list of benefits is always growing!
  4. Why These Moms Took Over a Food Court
    It’s always so lovely to see mums support each other and promote feeding in public
  5. What are the most convenient and stylish clothes for breastfeeding?
    It’s always helpful to have a few tips for mummy fashion!