Muse on the News - Breastfeeding news July 2016

It’s been another busy month for breastfeeding news and if you missed our top pick of stories on Facebook, here is our monthly recap featuring a top parenting trick from Prince William, an inspirational young breastfeeding mum, the latest celebrity brelfies and one creative way to normalise feeding in public from one amazing dad!
Muse on the News
  1. “Young Mother Diagnosed with Breast Cancer Captures Last-Time Breastfeeding”
    What an inspirational lady!
  2. “Dad eats under blanket in restaurant in support of shamed breastfeeding mothers”
    A creative way to stand up for breastfeeding mummys – you go Brock!
  3. “Medela Partners with Mariott to Support Back-to-Work Mums’ Breastfeeding Goals”
    It is so important to support the back-to-work transition for breastfeeding mums!
  4. “We should all Steal this Parenting Trick from Prince William, Experts Say”
    Do you do this when talking to your little ones?
  5. Celebrity Mums continue to share their breastfeeding snaps this month:
    Beautiful Picture Liv Tyler
  6. Thandie Newton describes breastfeeding as ‘Perfect Happiness’
    Here here!
  7. “Tess Holliday seems to be on a one-woman quest to normalise breastfeeding” says The Daily Mail – We’re with you Tess – thank you for standing up for all breastfeeding mums

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