A Mother’s Question – Breastfeeding Positions

We have introduced a new feature on our Facebook page, A Mother’s Question. We know that having a support network around you while breastfeeding is vital and speaking to other mums who are experiencing similar journeys, challenges and difficulties can be incredibly helpful. To help support and encourage mum to mum support we are inviting you to send in your breastfeeding questions to be shared with our lovely community of mums on Facebook.

Last week, mum Lorelei wanted some tips on different breastfeeding positions…

"Mums which position do you find most comfortable while breastfeeding? I use cross cradle mainly but wondered if you had suggestions for a growing baby?"

  • “Laying side by side” Mum, Megan
  • “My son is now almost 11 months old and has been breastfed since birth. He can be quite wriggly so I cradle him but more tummy to tummy and hold his legs with my free arm while holding his head/body with the other. Laying on my side with him in front of me is how I still cope with night feeds. Good luck and remember ‘if it ain't broke don't fix it" Mum, Tallahassee
  • “I used to do cross cradle all the time, but now Poppy is almost 1 she likes to almost sit up on my lap and feed that way! At bedtime she lies next to me and we feed that way, but she has done that since birth.” Mum, Stephanie
  • “Side by side is easiest. At almost 7 months he's getting heavy now and my back is starting to pay the price!” Mum, Aileen
  • “You could try the rugby ball I use this position a lot as my little lady is very tall.” Mum, Hayley
  • “I love lying down to feed but not always practical lol. Mostly I use cross cradle.” Mum, Sarah

Thank you to all our lovely mums for offering their top tips! If you have a question you would like us to share please pop over to our Facebook page and send us a direct message.