Preparation for Breastfeeding during Pregnancy

Parenting opens up a whole new world of the unknown with so much to learn. From the beginnings of pregnancy, through to preparing a nursery, creating a birth plan, changing nappies and breastfeeding, there is a new adventure round every corner! So much of what is to come doesn’t happen until baby arrives but there are a few small things you can do during pregnancy to prepare for breastfeeding.

Mum to be thinking with note book and pen

1. Invest in a Quality Maternity and Nursing Bra

It is difficult to know how much your breasts will change throughout the entire maternity and nursing experience as each woman’s body is unique and will change differently: some mums only gain one cup size, while others increase by three or more cup sizes. For this reason, it is beneficial to wear well-designed bras that will adapt to your body’s changing shape and provide a comfortable experience. A comfortable wire-free, seam-free and supportive nursing bra is the best option.

2. Read up

Read up as much as you can on all things breastfeeding and expressing. As with all things new, nothing can truly prepare you for breastfeeding. However, learning and reading as much as you can beforehand can help. Packed with ground-breaking science, fascinating facts, stunning photos and animated graphics, our free e-book is a great place to start.

The Amazing Science of Mother’s Milk takes you through the key stages of breastfeeding. You can also download our MyMedela App free of charge.

3. Stock up on Lanolin Cream

Ensure you have a Lanolin Nipple Cream, like PureLan Nipple Cream to hand from day one of breastfeeding. Apply before each feed to prevent sore, dry and cracked nipples. A must-have for your hospital bag!

4. Research Local Breastfeeding Help

Ensure you make a list of important numbers and Breastfeeding Support Groups to keep on your fridge. If you feel you need a little help, or just a little reassurance, you can refer to this and pop along to a local group of mums or pick up the phone.

If you would feel more comfortable, you can pop along to your local breastfeeding group during pregnancy to introduce yourself and chat with others about their breastfeeding experiences.

Of course, our weekly Breastfeeding Café every Tuesday is also great to reference, you can chat with our in-house Lactation Consultant, SIoned Hilton every Tuesday on our Medela UK Facebook page.

5. Chat with Other Mums

As hard as it can be, meeting and speaking to other mums or mums-to-be can be a huge help. If you don’t know any local mums near you, try looking for local mum groups on social media, or try an app designed to help you meet other like-minded parents, such as Mush, Mums Meet Up or Peanut.