Breastfeeding in Public

Breastfeeding is the most natural and beautiful thing in the world and although it can be difficult and exhausting at times, our wonderful mums have always told us that knowing you are doing the absolute best for your baby certainly outweighs all the challenges.

However, we have found from speaking to many of our mums that although confident in breastfeeding, when it comes to feeding their little ones in public they can feel anxious, unsure and nervous.

To help encourage our mums feel comfortable feeding out and about, we asked our wonderful community on Facebook to share their positive stories of breastfeeding in public. Here are some of our favourites:

  • “I smile when I see someone breast feeding because one, it brings back memories of breast feeding my son and two, it’s the most natural thing in the world. A baby should not be covered up while being fed and a mum should not be made to feel anxious or worried. It should be embraced and encouraged.”
  • “I’ve fed in all sorts of places and no negativity at all – just approving looks and smiles!”
  • “Never had any problems. Wear a vest top under your t-shirt so you can pull the t-shirt up and the vest down. That way nothing is revealed.”
  • “I’ve never had a negative comment and the looks you get are often interest/surprise rather than any sort of negative thing. I’ve had lots of positive comments though! I honestly don’t think there’s as much anti breastfeeding opinion amongst the general public as the press like to make out.”
  • “I was in a pub garden having lunch and it was so hot I stood under a tree for shade and fed my little one. Two men came towards me lifting a park bench and said ‘here love, have a seat while you’re doing that’. They perched the bench right under the tree and I then sat feeding my little one. I was overwhelmed by their kindness!”
  • “I’ve never had any negative comments. I took my friend with me when I first fed in public.”
  • “I’ve never had any negative comments and on a couple of occasions, women have commented that it’s really nice to see a baby being breastfed in public. I have also found cafe staff in a number of places really helpful in bringing a drink over when it isn’t table service and not minding me sitting for a while.”
  • “I have always had people say positive things to me when I’ve fed my baby out and about.”
  • “It has never been an issue. Most of the time people don’t even notice. Sometimes little children come over and are curious, which I find quite cute.”
  • “Double tops are much more discreet than any breastfeeding cover ups! I fed at a wedding during the ceremony and no one noticed!”
  • “I’ve fed my little boy who is nearly 7 months in all sorts of places, indoors and outdoors and I’ve never had any negativity! In fact I’ve had lots of positive comments from my close friends saying they can’t even see anything and how easy and natural I make it look! I’m going to carry on breastfeeding my little one as long as he wants, I love the special bond and lovely cuddles we have.”