Breastfeeding Snacks and Super Foods for Mums

Superfoods are making the headlines yet again this year, so what is all the fuss about? When you’re breastfeeding, it’s vital for you and baby to have a nutritious and balanced diet. Not forgetting dads and partners too! Here’s our top pick of delicious snacks and ingredients to introduce to your home, including easy foods to incorporate in your favourite daily dishes.

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It’s important to keep a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet whilst breastfeeding. Not only to give your baby as much nutrition as possible but also to provide you with the energy you need to keep you going! It’s not just about mums, we know that it’s full on for dads too!

We’ve pulled together some of our favourite super food ingredients and breastfeeding snacks that you could try to include in your diet through this time of change, to keep you full of vitamins, minerals and all the good stuff! These cheap and easy ingredients are perfect to bulk out your meals and give you the maximum nutrition with minimum effort. Yummy food the whole family will benefit from!

Healthy breastfeeding snacks and superfoods



Not only is broccoli full of fibre and iron but did you know it is also rich in vitamin C? A cheap and easy ingredient that can be added to most meals, Broccoli really is a super food!


A simple ingredient to chop onto your porridge, chuck in your smoothies or a quick snack on the go, bananas are full of potassium that helps to fight fatigue!


Beans & Pulses

Beans, chickpeas or lentils are a great ingredient to bulk out any meal. Did you know they are also full of protein and fibre? A great, healthy alternative to meat or fish.


Almonds are full of calcium, zinc, vitamin E and magnesium. Have a handful for an easy snack or soak for a few hours and pop into a smoothie!


Berries are rich in vitamin C, potassium foliate and fibre, as well as being great when your craving something sweet! Try adding to natural yogurt, honey and oats for a healthy and filling breakfast! Top tip: buy a frozen mix to always have handy in your freezer, it’s cost effective and means you can add to any breakfast for extra nutrition and flavour without much thought!

If you want any more information and advice on your diet whilst breastfeeding, make sure to speak to your local GP.

What has been your favourite meal you’ve had whilst breastfeeding?