My Breastfeeding Story: Oversupply, Breastfeed Latch and Support

Our series of real mums’ stories continue and this month, we’re pleased to share mum, Kat’s breastfeeding experience including difficulties with breastfeed latch, sore nipples and breast pain.

Mother breastfeeding her daughter Athena

I had a difficult pregnancy, I suffered from preeclampsia and it went undiagnosed until I was induced 3 days before my due date. I had the birth planned out, and of course, nothing went to plan. I ended up having to have an epidural to control my heart rate and my daughter was born via forceps. Her heart stopped beating during the delivery and I almost lost her. 

After her birth I couldn't get her to latch on unless a nurse was there to help with positioning. I thought that because it's the most natural thing, it would be so easy. I was wrong. 

I thought I had it down by the time I left hospital, the day after the birth and for a few days I pushed through. But about a week later, my nipples were bleeding, cracked and I was producing too much breastmilk

After everything that happened with the birth not going to plan I was determined to carry on. I remember I sat on my bed, crying my eyes out with a hot water bottle on one boob whilst my daughter was feeding from the other. My boyfriend offered vital breastfeeding support through it all! He was reading through one of my breastfeeding books and told me to keep her on the side that hurts the most because it will help it heal faster and of course he was right! It wasn't long after that we had both established feeding! 

I used our Medela electric breast pump to help with the fullness, I would express just enough for them to go down and stop hurting, because I didn't want my body to confuse the expressing of the milk for my daughter feeding. I then used the extra breastmilk I expressed in my daughter's baths! 

“Now my beautiful daughter, Athena is 6 months old and has been exclusively breastfed since the day she was born!”

Now my beautiful daughter, Athena is 6 months old and has been exclusively breastfed since the day she was born! We have an amazing bond and now it's pain free and super easy! Sometimes I have to check she's still latched on because I just don't feel anything!

Thank you to mum, Kat, for sharing her breastfeeding experience. If you would like to share your breastfeeding story please email,