Breastfeeding Support: How to Prepare for your Feeding Journey

Our wonderful community of Medela Mums have shared their breastfeeding support for mums-to-be including advice, tips and handy facts on how to prepare for nursing during pregnancy. Would you add any other advice? Share with us on Facebook.
breastfeeding support
  • Don't be stingy on the lanolin cream.”
    - Stacey
  • Dont be afraid to ask for help. If you have breastfeeding peer supporters in your area utilise them.
    - Sian
  • Batch cook everything before baby arrives. You'll spend a lot of time feeding in those first few weeks and will be do grateful of a nutritious meal that just needs reheating, especially if you have a c-section, stitches etc. And get your other half to do the housework for a while.
    - Kate
  • Know where to get support. Yes, midwives, support workers are often busy, but they are there to support you. There are also loads of helplines and groups around that you could be finding out about before your baby is born.”
    - Shevonne
  • Ask for help, relax, skin to skin, determination, drink plenty of water, join a local breastfeeding group, practice feeding in front of a mirror this gave me confidence to feed in public as you can't see anything just babies head, baby wear, housework can wait, research about growth spurts, cluster feeding and forth trimester.
    - Rebecca
  • Look at different types of feeding bras as different types of ways of opening them can be fiddly and most importantly get measured several times.
    - Lucy
  • Just be READY to accept support... This isn't just for issues you may run into, but for moral and social support too! Gather those phone numbers, group addresses, and inspiring social media pages. Find your local LLL group, Sure Start 'breast friends' playgroup, hospital 'infant feeding café', or local lactation consultants.
    - Samantha
  • Talk to friends and family before the birth and let them know you plan to breastfeed and talk to them about their experiences. The more people you talk to means more support, and you are less likely to have well-meaning people suggesting to bottle feed, top ups or similar things when baby arrives.
    - Fiona
  • Swat up before the baby is born. Read the leaflets your midwife gives you. There are also some very nice breastfeeding books out there. This way you will feel prepared. Breastfeeding can be challenging at the beginning, but certainly pays off, if you are aware of the challenges and how best to deal with them you will hopefully have more of a positive experience.
    - Shevonne
  • I don't think anything can prepare you for your breastfeeding journey as everybody's is so different. If you want to do it then give it everything! The reward once you're established is so worth it! Good luck ladies.
    - Rachel