Breastfeeding Tips for new mums

"When I started my breastfeeding journey, I knew that everyone would have an opinion about what/how/when it should be done, so I decided that to ease any new mums into their breastfeeding journey, I would write 10 top tips for new mums…. I hope they help!

Ashlee breastfeeding her son
  1. Do what feels right for you. Yes, I do believe breast is best, but if you are finding it difficult, painful or detrimental to your or the baby, then trust your judgement on this one!
  2. Do not let other’s opinions on breastfeeding cloud your own. Everyone who has breastfed will have an opinion on latch, length of baby feeds, when baby should feed, cracked nipples – the list goes on! I constantly questioned whether I was doing it right or whether my baby was getting enough milk and with hindsight I wish I had just let other people’s opinions wash over me.
  3. Relax – this is easier said than done, I know. But, if you are new to breastfeeding, try and relax into it, because ultimately you will both get far more enjoyment out of it!
  4. Feel confident. Wherever you are, breastfeed with confidence. Whether it be in a café, train or shop, always remember that you are feeding your baby, the most natural thing on the planet!
  5. Be comfortable. There is nothing worse than sitting in an awkward or uncomfortable position when feeding, so make sure you prioritise yourself and baby to be as comfortable as possible.
  6. Look after yourself. Breastfeeding is incredible, but it is hard core. Make sure you have a little self-love for the incredible achievement you are undertaking. So go on, treat yourself!
  7. Stretch! Exactly that, the amount of time you will spend hunched over that little miracle whilst breastfeeding might leave you a little stiff, so follow a few simple stretches to make you feel amazing.
  8. Do keep. Yes, I am contradicting myself and telling you what you should be doing, but honestly, drinking loads of water will make you feel great.
  9. Share positive aspects of feeding. This one comes from the self-fulfilling prophecy, whereby if you believe in the positive aspects and talk positively about it, then by that very nature you will have a positive experience. Which leads me nicely onto number 10…
  10. ENJOY IT!"