Breastfeeding Tips from Nursing Mums

Becoming a Mother is one of the biggest life changes a woman will go through, and no one can relate to all of the questions and worries that will be running through a first-time mum’s mind quite like other mums! Not to worry, advice and breastfeeding tips are just around the corner, from none other than mums themselves!

We have compiled a list of helpful breastfeeding advice from nursing mothers all eager to help support you through the beautiful first moments of breastfeeding.

Baby breastfeeding

It’s a Learning Process!

It isn’t something everyone finds natural, it’s a learning process for both mum and baby. Trust yourself, that you and your baby have got this and if for whatever reason things don’t go to plan - happy mum and baby = winning. Oh and lots hydration and nutrition. Debbie

Research, research, research!

Do your breastfeeding research. I read up on as much as I could breastfeeding related whilst pregnant, and it’s really helped. Remember that babies feed what feels like constantly during those first few weeks, this is totally normal and needs to happen in order to boost your milk supply. Vikki

It’s The Little Things

Use the loo before a feed! Too many times I've sat down and been in the middle of a feed and wished I'd used the loo beforehand. Even if you don't feel like you need to go, just go. It's the little things like that, that we don't think of, that make the experience a little bit easier. Emily

Plenty of Cake

In baby’s first week or so, they will feed loads. It all helps bring the milk in and establish a good supply. I found this the hardest part as I was so tired. But don’t give up! It will be worth it after a few weeks! (And cake obviously). Amy

It Gets Easier

Persevere, it’s so worth it. The bond you share is beautiful, and it’s convenient! Get a breastfeeding pillow, really comfortable and fab for night feeds to support baby. Talk to the health professionals, and if things don’t feel right and you’re in a lot of pain find a lactation consultant - they are experts and amazing. It’s hard to start but it gets so much easier. Clary

Treasure Every Moment

Cherish every moment, even the painful ones (which pass quickly) and seek advice if you’re struggling. Collette

Never Give up on a Bad Day!

Eat lots of flapjack for the oats and water for supply… and never give up on a bad day... just take it feed by feed. Kirsty

Don’t give up breastfeeding on a bad day! Becky

Cluster Feeding Exists

Learn about cluster feeding! Nobody told me about this, I thought something was wrong until a read online about it after 2 days of absolutely no sleep! I wish someone had warned me! Amy

We hope you are able to take away something from this blog post, even if it just happens to be reassurance that others are going through the same thing as you.  

Over on the Medela UK Facebook page we are passionate about supporting as many breastfeeding mums as possible. If you feel you have unanswered questions, every Tuesday we open our live Breastfeeding Café where our in-house Lactation Consultant, Sioned Hilton, is there to help answer all of your breastfeeding and pumping questions. We hope you can join us!