Breastfeeding Mothers: Diet and Breastfeeding

Welcome to our new Q&A feature. Our weekly Breastfeeding Café on the Medela UK Facebook Page has proved so popular with our wonderful community of parents, with so many fantastic questions asked week in and week out, that we thought we'd share a topical question each month here on our blog.

Each month we’ll be sharing with you an anonymous Q&A with professional in-house Lactation Consultant, Sioned Hilton.

Today, we’re pleased to share our first Q&A on Diet and Breastfeeding…

Meet Sioned the Medela Lactation Consultant
Breastfeeding, Diet and Weaning

Question: Is it possible for a breastfeeding mum’s diet to cause constipation in baby when exclusively breastfeeding? If, so are there any foods mums should avoid eating/eat more of? My daughter is six months.

Answer: It is normal for breastfed babies not to poo for up to 10 days but if this has suddenly become more of an issue it could be that as she is getting more active and energetic she has very little waste from wonderful breastmilk.

If you find baby is in discomfort and you have started weaning baby, you could start offering her some solids – this may make her go or may bulk her more, but is a way that you can explore. The gripe could be as a consequence of something in particular you ate – more green vegetables, onions, cruciferous vegetables that could make her more gassy.

Rather than offering her cool boiled water, try increasing your feeds and you may find she takes more milk.

If your little one has had no difficulties in the past and this has suddenly occurred, keep an eye on it, start introducing solids. Pureed fruit such as apple and pear, may help as they are higher in sugars which can act similar to lactulose drawing fluid from the intestine into the stool to make it softer.

Keep a food diary and monitor your little one’s patterns. Make sure you are eating and drinking normally too. If you are worried or concerned, do chat with your health visitor or GP.

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