Breastmilk Continues To Wow Us – New Research Revealed for Breastfeeding

This month (4-5th April 2019) a group of the world’s leading breastfeeding researchers arrived in the UK to uncover their latest research for breastfeeding in front of an audience of health professionals. Now in its 14th year, this is a truly unique event Medela host annually.

Mother breastfeeding baby

We got a chance to speak with some of these influential experts committed to supporting breastfeeding families worldwide, we’ve rounded up some of their top findings that we believe our readers might be interested in. 

  • A real favourite of ours…When breastmilk passes from mother to baby, a tiny element from the mum’s gut is transferred… making this milk truly one of a kind and personally tailored for each baby. 
  • It’s not one ingredient in the milk, it’s the whole combination that changes every day…so breastmilk can never be truly be copied – FACT! 
  • It has been confirmed that hormones in the milk tell breastfed babies exactly how much fat to lean tissue they need…so breastfed babies start off with the good fat they need and then naturally slim down as they turn into toddlers. 
  • Experts continue to discover just how amazing breastmilk is and how it impacts on the development and growth of a baby - most recently it has been found to contain new probiotic and fungi such as penicillium, as well as other gut protectors. 
  • This is a mind blowing one – but remarkably each baby regulates the number of hormones and nutrients in its own mother’s milk…so as long as babies are healthy, mums can follow their babies’ cues with confidence.
  • Amazing to think, but breastmilk is bursting with so many different components which rather amazingly all have an effect on each other, these intricate interactions being uncovered are helping researchers understand breastmilk’s unique ability to protect an infant against allergies.
  • And one we think mums will love… ‘for the first two weeks mums must have confidence that their most important job is to eat, sleep and breastfeed – plan on being topless, comfortable and warm with your baby skin-to-skin, and focus on breastfeeding – not a bad way to start motherhood! 
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