Choosing a Breast Pump - The Right Fit for You

Pregnancy and parenthood opens up a whole new world. Not only will you be thinking about transforming that spare room into a beautiful nursery for your new arrival but you will also be tackling that ever-growing baby list of nappies, baby wipes and more. There are countless parenting and baby products available and choosing the best for your little family while ticking everything off the list can seem somewhat of a minefield. When it comes to choosing a breast pump suited to your needs, that doesn’t need to be the case. Our multi-award winning range of breast pumps have become known for their ground-breaking innovation and advanced technology and are used by mums all over the world.

Whatever demand a mother has, whether it be for infrequent or occasional use, if mum is preparing for her return to work or maybe expressing exclusively, there is a Medela breast pump suitable for every individual feeding journey. From the Harmony manual breast pump, ideal for very occasional use, to the flagship Swing electric breast pump to be used a few times a week, through to the Swing Maxi and Freestyle, two double electric breast pumps, perfect for everyday use, Medela have it covered! For those exclusively pumping, with multiple births or with a prem baby, the Symphony, our hospital grade breastpump can be hired on a monthly basis. 

Thanks to our research based two-phase technology, our unique collection of breastpumps allow mums to express milk in the most natural way possible, in the same way that babies feed from the breast. At first, babies use fast and light sucks to stimulate milk flow, and then longer, deeper sucks once the milk comes in. Mirroring this method with our exclusive and advanced technology, mums can rest assured that expressing with a Medela breast pump will be reliable, effective and most importantly efficient!

Take a look at our handy guide below for choosing the right breast pump for you:

Choosing a Breast Pump - The Right Fit for You

Of course, you will have many more questions you would like to ask and maybe some more specific questions based on your medical history but we hope that the above gives you a little breakdown. Remember that no question is silly or embarrassing and the chances are that your midwife will have already been asked the same question a hundred times before!

If you would like to find out more about breastfeeding and what to expect please visit out Facebook page where our mums offer fantastic tips and advice or of course please drop by our online Pregnancy Hour on the second Tuesday of every month with Lactation Consultant, Sioned Hilton from 1pm – 2pm!