Top 5: Choosing the Best Breast Pump for You

Pregnancy and parenthood opens up a whole new world. There are countless parenting and baby products available and choosing the best for your little family can seem somewhat of a minefield. When it comes to selecting the best breast pump suited to your needs, that doesn’t need to be the case. Our multi-award-winning range of breast pumps have become known for their ground-breaking innovation and advanced technology and are used by mums all over the world. Which breast pump is most suited to you?

Framed Swing, Harmony and Freestyle image

Choosing the best breast pump to support your breastfeeding journey can be difficult and it is often tricky to know where to even start. To help, we’re pleased to share five important factors into consideration when deciding which breast pump will best support your needs.

1. Are you having twins or multiples?

If so, you will find a double electric or hospital grade breast pump most helpful. Double pumping produces an average of 18% more breastmilk, than single pumping.

image showing both the freestyle and swing maxi
Harmony Stand Alone image

2. Will you be breastfeeding exclusively? If so, will you need a breast pump?

If you’re breastfeeding exclusively, you may think that you won’t have use for a breast pump, however it is good to prepare and have one just in case. You can invest in affordable manual breast pumps, like the Harmony Breast Pump, just in case something comes up.

3. Would you like your partner to help with feeds?

If you would like to involve your partner, family or friends in feeding, or have the option to pop out to an exercise class, attend a hen party etc. a Single Electric Breast Pump will meet your needs.

4. Do you plan to return to work and express breastmilk exclusively?

When expressing exclusively, it is important you have an electric breast pump suitable for regular use which you can rely on. With multiple pumping sessions a day in mind, we would suggest a Double Electric Breast Pump such as the Freestyle or Symphony hospital-grade breast pump.

5. Remember no question is too silly!

Remember that no question is silly or embarrassing and the chances are that your midwife/GP will have already been asked the same question a hundred times before.