How to make Christmas Shopping Breastfeeding Friendly!

There can be a lot to do in these weeks leading up to the big day and breastfeeding whilst you are rushing around with last minute Christmas shopping can be stressful. We’ve put together our top tips for surviving any final present dashes!

The thought of starting your Christmas shopping can be overwhelming at the best of times but juggling Santa’s list as a breastfeeding mama can make things a little trickier.

Whether you are out and about choosing gifts, watching a Nativity play or dashing out to get that last-minute jar of cranberry sauce, we know that breastfeeding your little one will always be your number one priority!

However, it doesn’t have to be difficult to breastfeeding while out and about, especially if you are prepared and relaxed. There’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a browse around the shops!  


Here are some top tips for feeding during the festive season whilst you are out and about:

  1. Start early! There’s no need to find yourself in busy crowds over the festive period, if you can, try and get your lists ticked off at the start of the month. You can then put your feet up and enjoy Christmas films and enjoy the festive atmosphere with none of the stress!
  2. If you do find your local town is hitting the Christmas rush, find a café or comfortable seat to put your bags down and take time out to feed your baby. Grab a relaxing hot drink and recharge before you face the inevitable queues.
  3. Why not ask a friendly face to come with you on the shopping trip? Make a girly day of it with your mum or best friends or even your partner, then there will always be someone to help out if necessary.
  4. Remember to put enough money in the parking meter; you may be way-laid by having an impromptu feeding session. Last thing you need is a parking ticket from Scrooge!
  5. Comfortable shoes are a must, but also make sure you wear warm, comfortable clothing. Wear an item of clothing that will make it easier for you to feed when out and about.
  6. Unexpected leaks don’t have to cut your day out short – get prepared and remember to pack an extra dark top and bra pads in your changing bag.
  7. If you are feeding frequently in the early weeks after birth and you choose not to bring little one with you, you may find popping your breast pump in your bag will help manage your milk production. A small and lightweight Swing Flex could be perfect for this!
  8. If you need to pump whilst you are out and about, research whether your destination has a feeding room so that you have a little more privacy if this would make you feel more comfortable.
  9. Make sure you look after yourself too – carry some water and some snacks so that you can reenergise quickly, no one wants to be hungry when looking for stocking fillers!
  10. Remember to always ask for help from friends and family if it makes gathering gifts a little easier. You could even have everything delivered right to your door and shop online instead!

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