Shout Out to the Dads! We Celebrate Father’s Day by Saying Thank You to Dads and Their Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding support is so invaluable, and so any opportunity to say a big thank you is worth celebrating! With Father’s Day coming this weekend, we took to social media to ask our community of Medela Mums is they want to share a shout out to an amazing dad, who has been their rock throughout their breastfeeding experience. Whether it’s to a partner or their own dad, we’ve pulled together the amazing messages of love and support below. Join us as we say a big thank you to the supportive dads out there, we know how much of a difference you can make in any breastfeeding experience! 

Our Medela Mums shared their Father’s Day shout outs below…

Abi - @abis6 on Instagram 


My husband has been amazing throughout my breastfeeding journey supporting every decision and when I was questioning if it was coming close to stopping, he encouraged me through the tough times and reassured. In the early days always made sure I had a drink, snacks and remote controls close by. My dad has also been amazing with my son but also with me breastfeeding at first I didn’t feel confident and covered up for myself but now I feel confident enough to just feed him around my dad without my cover and he has helped me when we have been to make sure I’m comfortable and adjust my cover when needed, I never thought I would feed without a cover around him but I do 😊

Hana - @mrs_hana_w on Instagram 

Shout out to my husband Jonathan, @the_son_will_rise, who supported me when I believed I had low supply by making me tea and making sure I eat and rest. He also made me hot compress towels when my milk ducts were clogged. He is the best partner!

Claudia - @claudia_leighton_richards on Instagram 

He always feeds me even after 18 months! He supports our extended breastfeeding journey even though he doesn’t know anybody else that has breastfed! He is perfect x

Jess - @jesswood_dancingmama on Instagram 

My husband was so supportive in the beginning when we had troubles with latching! I was so tired and the baby was so hungry but wouldn’t latch but he kept encouraging me and stayed super positive with the breastfeeding and we got there in the end!


Aoife - @aoife_mytwoguys on Instagram 

My husband used to hand feed and water me with our first. But the best thing was arriving at the hospital with nipple balm after 2 days of trying to get our tongue tied baby to latch. I was in agony and it was just what was needed!

Laura - @baigeycakes on Instagram 

My husband has been amazing. So many times I wanted to give up breastfeeding but he was always there day and night telling me I could do it and encouraged me to keep going.

Sarah - @lylolil_19 on Instagram 

I would like to mention my partner Phil. We’re only 3 weeks in and it’s been tough going. Yesterday he was holding a hot flannel on my left boob whilst I nursed on the right 😂 he is looking after my other child (his step son) every morning because I’m tied to feeding, he’s amazing, I couldn’t ask for a more supportive person in this journey!

Lara - @be.lovve.d on Instagram 

Hello! Why my husband is amazing: A few hours after giving birth to our twin boys I had an Eclampsia. I woke up in the intensive care unit didn't know where I was or what happened. My boys were lying at the neonatology as they were born 4 weeks early. My husband was there for the boys when I couldn't. He was there for me. He technically lived in the hospital during these hard days. I was allowed to pump some milk for the boys 3 days after giving birth! It was too less milk for two babies in the beginning. It was hard but my husband was always there for me and the boys as well. With his support, I was finally able to breastfeed the boys. And still do. They are 21 months old 🤍 


Georgie - @georgie_from_nicu_to_now on Instagram 

My husband would help me collect colostrum whilst unwell in hospital after having my daughter at 30weeks. He would deliver it to NICU at all hours as well as my milk when I was able to express. He sacrificed his time with her in NICU so that I could establish breastfeeding as we could only visit one at a time due to covid. Because of him Freya got the best start in life and was discharged exclusively breast fed at 35 weeks