The Easy Expression Bustier | Allowing Mums to Express Hands-Free!

The Easy Expression Bustier allows mamas to express milk with any Medela double electric breast pump, while still keeping your hands free to do everything else that needs doing! Great for wearing around the house, you can pump to feed your little one whilst making dinner, or even just taking some much-needed time for you!

Here at Medela, we are always looking for ways to make mamas lives easier, and the Easy Expression Bustier does just that! Designed to work with any of our double electric breast pumps, the Bustier enables mamas to go hands-free!

If you take ten minutes to sit and pump, the Bustier gives you the freedom to have your hands free to flick through your favourite book or magazine, nibble on some snacks or easily reach for the remote - all whilst double pumping! Pump whilst you’re getting ready in the morning, whilst you’re busy with little one or even when you’re getting on with some jobs around the house, pumping has never been easier thanks to this handy accessory!  

Made from a super soft nylon/spandex mix, the Bustier delivers exceptional comfort, fit and support whilst being stretchy and soft against skin. It features an integrated top hook for easy zip up and security, a seamless design and reinforced panels provides increased support for the entire breast and breast shields.

The Bustier comes in three sizes (S , M, L) and a choice of black or white - mamas can wear the Bustier by itself or over a nursing bra or top.

The benefits of the Easy Expression Bustier:

  • Easy, comfortable hands-free breast milk pumping
  • Get other things done while pumping
  • An excellent complement to a double electric breast pump, whichever you choose!
  • Stretchy and very comfortable to wear
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Available in three different sizes and two colours

One mum said: “This is the best purchase I’ve made since having a baby! Being able to walk about and have my hands free while expressing has been so liberating! Buying this Bustier, which fits snugly and is perfect for my pump means I can get on with other things at the same time!”

You can get your Easy Expression Bustier here.