Are you Embarking on your First Breastfeeding Journey?

Are you expecting your first baby and feeling apprehensive about breastfeeding?

Every breastfeeding journey is different and no two experiences are the same. However, to help you prepare for what may be ahead and offer some top tips on what may help you during those early days of breastfeeding, we asked some of our lovely mums to share their advice…

  • “Just go with it. Everyone is different and don’t be afraid to ask for help… matter how silly you think it sounds.”
    Ceri Ann Fagan-Davies
  • “It’s not always easy and it can be very demanding of your time in those early months but it is worth every second. Join breastfeeding groups/forums. They’ll support you and remind you you’re not going through it alone.”
    Isobel Frost
  • “Feed everywhere and anywhere and in all different positions! My son got too used to one position and one cushion and whenever we went out he wasn’t willing to feed because it wasn’t how he usually did it!”
    Gemma Gjergji
  • “Make sure you know where to go to get really good quality help, as you never know if you will need it. Lactation consultants and breastfeeding counsellors can be your saviours!”
    Joanne Gothard
  • “Drink plenty of water and eat regularly.”
    Rhian Shellard
  • “You are not a failure. This is new for you and baby. Just relax. I had a really bad time at the start but my girl is one tomorrow and I’m still breastfeeding. No matter what you choose to do or if you can’t do it, you are still amazing.”
    Linzi Tatton
  • “It’s all normal! Talk to health visitor for support. I’m on my third breast fed baby and they’ve all been completely different experiences. It does get easier, but chocolate and cake help in the early days!”
    Kate Andrews
  • “It’s absolutely natural to be sat on your bum all day with the baby attached for the first 9 weeks! And it’s ok to cry about it lots!”
    Natalie Little
  • “Don’t freak out and think you aren’t filling up babies tummy because baby is feeding every few hours. Remember baby might be thirsty or comfort feeding and they only take what they need. Relax and go with it. Listen to baby and your instincts. It’s hard work, but awesome.”
    Lisa Oliver
  • “Don’t give up… and ask for help. Your baby will get there in the end! Don’t be afraid to express your milk, I do with my son and he is fine. You need to be able to do things as well for example housework, shopping or even going out for some adult time. Do what is right for you and your baby.”
    Nicola Louise Taylor
  • “Follow your baby’s lead, they know what they are doing.”
    Arlene Adams
  • “If you’re having twins tandem breastfeed from the start, it’s so much better. When your milk starts to come through, use the Medela Freestyle to express off for comfort.”
    Kylie Kirk
  • “Don’t give up! The first few hours after giving birth are the hardest you will ever do but looking into your new beautiful babies eyes and knowing it’s you that is in charge of all feeding needs. It’s so beautiful and wonderful.”
    Gillian Susan Smith
  • “Cluster feeding is very normal. Don’t stress the small stuff. Enjoy lots of cuddles and ask for help if you need it.”
    Suzanne Clancy
  • “Persevere and surround yourself with supportive, positive people. The tough bits are short lived, and it definitely gets easier! Also ask for more help than you think you need, it will build your confidence, and people who love to breastfeed and support mums, love talking about it, so will enjoy supporting you.”
    Anna Curtis
  • “Keep at it and don’t doubt yourself you can do it they are getting enough! Relax and enjoy your little one, they’re not little long.”
    Claire Oliver
  • “Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.”
    Emily C Matthews
  • “Educate yourself on what’s normal! I feel so many mothers give up because they don’t know what to expect. Try and stick with it at least a couple of weeks. It gets easier and easier as you and baby both practice! But it is hard work.”
    Laura Tweedy
  • “Follow your instincts, they’re an incredible thing.”
    Alison Tunnah


Don’t forget, our in-house lactation consultant, Sioned, holds a Pregnancy Hour on the second Tuesday of every month on our Facebook page where she is on hand to answer your breastfeeding questions. Join us on Tuesday 11th August from 1pm-2pm.