Emma’s Breastfeeding Story

Mum to mum support is vital and to learn from one another’s breastfeeding journey is invaluable. A big thank you to mum, Emma for sharing her breastfeeding experience today…


I knew from the start that I would breastfeed Benjamin. He's my third child and I breastfed my eldest son and daughter as well. I knew from before that breastfeeding could be challenging and I did have some painful days at the start but I used cream for my sore nipples and sought advice to check my latch and things became much easier within a few days. 

I started expressing breastmilk when Benjamin was just under 6 weeks old and now at 8 weeks I have successfully expressed several times, which has allowed me to go out for a Christmas party and to take a breather from time to time. It's also meant Ed has been able to give him a bottle, which was nice for him. 

I use an electronic breast pump to express and find it works really well. I am able to get a few ounces within ten minutes and can pump whilst feeding Benjamin which works well for my busy lifestyle. 

I plan to breastfeed Benjamin until he is a year old, longer if it continues to be right for us. I breastfed my eldest to four months and my daughter to 6 months but this time round I feel more confident and comfortable feeding and have lots of support from my partner and family. 

I'm a member of a Facebook support group which I don't often post on but have found comfort in knowing about feeding strikes and growth spurts, which can affect breastfeeding. 

As Benjamin is my third breastfed baby I am confident at feeding in public as and when I need to and I don't feel restricted in what I wear or what I do. 

I love how close a bond I have with Benjamin through breastfeeding. Feeding him helps me to take the time to cuddle up to him and I know I'm giving him the best start in life. I was induced on Benjamin's due date as he had stopped growing inside me. He was born at a small 6lb 4oz but at almost 2 months he has just about doubled his birth weight. 

I always encourage friends and family to try breastfeeding as there are numerous benefits for both yourself and baby. I truly love breastfeeding and am proud of myself and Benjamin for all we have achieved so far along our journey. 


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