Expert advice: Choosing the right maternity bra

The most essential item in your maternity and post-partum wardrobe is a gorgeous, comfortable maternity bra that fits you like a glove. Throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding, your body is ever-changing and it can be difficult to know what you need from your maternity bra.

We are lucky enough to have some expert advice from the lovely team at Bravado Designs! Stage-by-stage they have explained how your body will change and the benefits of their award-winning range of nursing bras:
Expert advice: Choosing the right maternity bra

1st trimester

As a result of hormonal changes your body will change constantly, sometimes more noticeably than others. These changes affect the way a bra fits.

SOFT: Bravado bras are soft, seamless and comfortable.

2nd trimester

You will notice changes in your rib cage and breasts. E.g. if wearing a 34B before pregnancy, it will start to feel tight and you will be more comfortable in a 36C

DISCREET: Bravado bras mould to your shape with removable foam cups.

3rd trimester

In the last trimester, you will fit well in your 36C bra which you were fitted in at 3 months pregnant. The best time to fit for a nursing bra is at 36 weeks, as your body is now preparing to give birth and breastfeed. You may be more comfortable in a larger cup size now.

FLEXIBLE: Bravado’s bras can be extended by up to 4 positions.


3-4 days after giving birth, your breasts are significantly bigger and heavier. You have increased at least a full cup size, but will feel relief in the ribcage now that the baby is born. Wearing a bra to bed will aid comfort.

COMFORT: Bravado bras flexible sizing offers a bra to suit all occasions.


A few days after birth, your milk comes in. You’ve likely experienced an increase of one additional cup size. Your changes will settle down, but give yourself time to slow down and learn how to establish a breastfeeding rhythm with your new baby. Comfort and breathability are key.

QUALITY: You are ready for nursing lingerie that suits your lifestyle.


You and your baby have settled into a breastfeeding routine. You feel your band size starting to contract and your breasts have settled into a new routine. Your cup size has reduced by around one cup size from when your baby was a newborn. You are ready for nursing lingerie that suits your ongoing lifestyle.

STYLE: With Bravado the exclusive B-Clip converter converts your nursing bra into an everyday bra.

Bravado have a range of seamless maternity and nursing bras that cleverly adapt to changes in body shape, offering the ultimate comfort and support. Check them out here.