Expressing Breastmilk with Medela

We’re so excited to begin 2017 with the launch of our brand new breastfeeding kit, the Swing pump & feed, everything a breastfeeding mum needs for expressing breastmilk, storing and feeding.


The new set includes our flagship Swing Electric Breast Pump, ideal for regular expressing sessions. The award-winning breast pump features 2-Phase Expression Technology that enables mums to express breastmilk in the same way that baby feeds at the breast. Comfortable and practical, the famous breast pump encourages a faster let-down and maximum milk flow, giving mums back some precious free time.

Also included in the new swing pump & feed set is our handy Pump and Save Bags, making collecting and storing breastmilk easier than ever before and Quick Clean Microwave Steriliser Bags, ideal for quick sterilising while out and about. Finally, parents will love the innovative Calma Feeding Device designed exclusively for feeding breastmilk. Calma enables babies to use the natural sucking behavior learned at the breast, easing the transition from breast to bottle and back again.

Charlotte Price, Marketing Manager at Medela UK Commented “At Medela we’re passionate about supporting breastfeeding mums and making life that little bit easier, especially for new parents. The new swing pump & feed set is a cost-effective kit for mums who wish to express now and again, enabling partners to feed baby or simply enjoy a well-deserved night off!”