My Breastfeeding Story: Falling in Love with my Amazing Mother’s Milk

If you are unsure whether breastfeeding your little one is for you, read Sarah’s story of how she grew to love her breastfeeding time and the amazing benefits of mother’s milk.  Feeding her newborn son allowed Sarah to bond with him and she is sharing her story to encourage other mothers to trust their instinct and pursue breastfeeding!

When I was pregnant, I was very unsure if I wanted to breastfeed at all. If I’m honest, the idea of breastfeeding and giving my son his mother’s milk felt a bit odd to me. It just wasn’t something I could imagine doing myself.

The biggest thing was the worry about my baby being completely dependent on me – that made me really nervous, and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to manage. A couple of my friends had found their breastfed babies wouldn’t take a bottle, and I couldn’t understand how those mums coped with never being able to have time away, not even a single night’s break.

But, I thought, I’d give breastfeeding a go, fully expecting to stop within a few weeks of my son being born. So as I sit here writing this, having just reached my year anniversary of exclusively breastfeeding my baby boy, I can’t quite believe I’m here.

It hasn’t always been easy – I was lucky that my son, Albie, took to breastfeeding very quickly. The moment he was born and the midwives placed him on my chest, he started feeding! I remember the midwife saying “wow, he knows what he’s doing!”.

However, the relentlessness of those early weeks was tough, and for all my worries, the constant feeding was something I hadn’t anticipated. I remember in those first few weeks going upstairs to try and grab an hour’s sleep, and it would feel like I’d just drifted off when my husband appeared at the door with a hungry baby! Albie was always a big feeder, particularly in the first few months, and that constant demand for milk was probably the hardest thing about breastfeeding for me in those early days.

However, much to my surprise, once I’d started breastfeeding, I was struck with an unexpected determination to continue this journey we had started! I’m so glad I did.

Now Albie is a year old, the challenges are different. I’m still feeding him a lot in the night, and that is tough, never being able to have an evening or night off, as he refuses to take a bottle. But you know what? If you’d have told me before having him that this would happen, I would have said no way, I can’t cope with that. But now he’s here? I don’t honestly mind that much. It hasn’t been such a big deal, and we’ve been OK! Yes, there are times when I feel like I really need a full night’s sleep, or when it would be nice to go away for the night. However, I really wouldn’t change it in hindsight. No way.

I am so glad that I gave breastfeeding a go. It has been the most wonderful experience and I feel really lucky to have been able to feed my baby in this way. Who knows, if I have another baby, they may not want to breastfeed and instead might only take a bottle.

Every journey is different, and this has been ours. I simply wouldn’t change it for the world.

Thank you to mum, Sarah, for sharing her breastfeeding experiences. If you would like to share your breastfeeding story please email,