The First Few Days with a Newborn

This week we wanted to concentrate on those first few days with a newborn baby, offering advice and tips to new mums who will soon be entering the whole new world of parenting!

Following what seems like a blink of an eye for many mums or a long and exhausting nine month wait for others, the exciting journey home with your new bundle of joy signals the start of a brand new family life for you and your partner.

Adjusting to your new little family over those first few days will be such a special time and will of course create amazing memories that you will treasure forever. However, they can also be tiring, overwhelming, busy and at times stressful, as you adapt to new routines and get to grips with all things parenting including breastfeeding.

To help just a little, we asked our wonderful community of mums what advice they would give to mums-to-be on those first few days with a newborn baby. Here are some of our favourite tips:


  • “Lock the door and turn off the phones. The first few days need to be about you and your new little family. Bonding is key to successful breastfeeding. Visitors can wait. Sleep when baby sleeps and try to enjoy it! There’s no such thing as a spoilt newborn so cuddle away!”
    Chanel Pollard
  • “Take each day as it comes basically – every baby is different and nobody has a manual.”
    Anneliese Beth Wiseman
  • “Everyone talks about how hard labour is, but the hardest part is the first week at home. You become exhausted, you can’t sleep for fear something will happen to your new addition, your baby cries and despite thinking everything will come naturally, you will be baffled as to why they won’t stop crying. Just remember to breathe. The first few days are so so hard, take each day as it comes, and relish in the beauty that is your little bundle…even when they are screaming.”
    Jessica Anne Osborne
  • “Cook lots and lots of meals beforehand and freeze them. I wish I had done more of this, it would have made them first few weeks a lot easier rather than living on just toast!”
    Katie Leigh Emslie
  • “Don’t read books and rely on your instinct. It’s an amazing thing!”
    Sam Hulme
  • “Rest, eat, sleep and drink loads of water to keep hydrated. Before the birth stock up your cupboards with plenty of easy dinners and enjoy your partner running around after you!”
    Rebecca Pollard
  • “Take things slowly, you’re doing fine, everyone is learning as they go along.”
    Gayle Murchison
  • “Take a snack to bed especially if you are breastfeeding as you will be very tired and in need of energy. Don’t pressure yourself to be up and running or even dressed, just take every day as it comes.”
    Sally Mook
  • “Don’t expect too much of yourself. Just stay in and get to know your baby. It’s a total life adjustment!”
    Louise Goss
  • “Before baby arrives, create and save an online shopping list with your usual supermarket, then you or your partner can just log in and click ‘order’ to get all your food delivered without effort (or forgetting anything!)”
    Dawn Jackson
  • “Don’t presume that breastfeeding is a doddle. Some mums have to work very hard to make it work. Persevere if you can and don’t beat yourself up. Enjoy every second because they grow so quickly!”
    Kerry Firth
  • “Stay in your pj’s and spend as much time as possible bonding with your baby. Those first days are so fleeting, make the most of them.”
    Lucy Marstin