The Freestyle Breast Pump

An innovative breast pump that fits in the palm of your hand… oh yes today we are taking a look at our Freestyle Double Electric Breast Pump!

Designed with busy mums in mind our Freestyle has proved popular with celebrities nationwide including McFly Mummies, Giovanna Fletcher, and Izzy Judd! The celebrity favourite is the ideal pump of choice for mums who frequently or exclusively express. Practical and convenient, it is one of the smallest yet most effective breast pumps on the market and here’s why:
The Freestyle Breast Pump

2-Phase Expression Technology

With Medela’s 2-Phase Expression Technology, mums can express in the same way that baby feeds. The 2-Phase Expression starts off with a short, quick sucking rhythm until your milk starts to flow. It then changes to a slow rhythm to express the milk. The simple up/down buttons allow you to control the vacuum to suit your comfort level as this is when your milk will flow best.

Double Pump

Double pumping rather than pumping from one breast at a time helps to increase and sustain milk supply, producing an average of 18% more milk.


Lightweight, small and portable the Freestyle is the ideal pump for busy, working mums! With a rechargeable battery you can hook the freestyle onto your blouse or pop it in your pocket to pump on the go or while pottering around the house!

Easy Interaction

The clear and simple digital screen displays information such as pumping and letdown suction level and also has a timer so you don’t need to clock watch while pumping. It is also back lit so you can easily pump in the dark for those night time expressing sessions!

Unique Memory Function

The unique and intuitive Freestyle enables you to set a suction level you are comfortable with and this will automatically be triggered whenever you use the breast pump, saving much needed time!

For instructions on how to use the Freestyle Breast Pump please watch our helpful video here.

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RRP: £329.99 Available from: John Lewis, Mothercare and Boots